FPL is your technology partner for 3D printing

FPL is a service company of additive manufacturing.

We develop parts/products and prototypes from three-dimensional modeling to production, using additive manufacturing technology, commonly known as 3D printing.

We use different technologies and materials (thermoplastics, metals, and composites), deeming the final product to the customer’s need. Improving its effectiveness and competitiveness, adding speed and versatility to the solution.


Serviços de elevada especialização e expertise, para potenciar resultados ajustados à exigência industrial.


Production/ Maintenance


Robotic Claws

Machine and tool adaptations

Replacement parts

Product development/ Prototyping


Functional Prototypes

Design Prototypes

Parts for casting



Maintenance parts

Adaptation of peripherals

Equipment protections

Adaptation of new products


Automotive Industry

Adaptation of peripherals

Spare Parts

Maintenance Parts

Upholsterer support templates





Plumbing Accessories

Swimming Pools Accessories

Plaster/ceramic mould

Support Jigs

Environmental Preservation

Through additive manufacturing it’s possible to avoid excess and waste in production of the part.


We support and monitor our clients’ projects with ethics and professional secrecy to enhance the entire success of the service/product of the same.


We privilege a close relationship with our customers and partners. Honesty and transparency are our pillars.


competitive advantage for customers

Create competitive advantage for our customers and partners providing personalized services

About the CEO

Daniel Lima
Daniel LimaCEO

Graduated in mechanical engineering from Aveiro University, after passing through by metallurgy industry Daniel Lima follows the family business, FPL, linked to tobacco distribution.

In 2019 it integrates a multinational within the same business area. And, realizing unmet needs of this industry, develops a business area within FPL to help them, get his first 3D printer and bet on this new technology.

To respond to the growing challenges, which arose from different and increasingly complex areas, acquires different technologies equipment capable to solve problems with different materials, different mechanical and thermal characteristics.

It is currently seeking to expand its operations to new markets, continuing to solve industry’s problems with every 3D printing performed. Allowing to add speed and versatility in an economical and less polluting way on customers projects.

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