Do the materials used guarantee reliability?

The quick development of additive manufacturing, both technologically and in the diversity of materials available, allows the production of parts with a high degree of precision and strength. In addition to the raw material used, depending on the desired application it is also important to define the direction of printing, the type and percentage of

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Can I request a modeled solution?

Modeling is the process of creating or representing a three-dimensional object. Using dedicated software for this purpose, FPL supports its customers in modeling from ideas, sketches existing parts or a project. The modeling service allows the customer to obtain a three-dimensional prediction of the final product, allowing agile correction of the aesthetic and functional design

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Can additive manufacturing be used in an industrial environment?

Additive manufacturing is characterized by its versatility. Therefore, obtaining parts with different temperature resistances, flexibility and mechanical resistance allow the achievement of faster prototyping cycles. Thus, ensuring greater fluidity in the product development process reducing its cost. In addition, it’s possible to get quick tools, and accessories with high precision.

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Can I request small series for validation?

3D printing is characterized by the speed and flexibility with which we can create parts or objects. By not resorting to complex and expensive tools, this productive technology is extremely competitive in small and medium-sized series productions Enabling the correction of design errors quickly. In addition to the sustainability factor, since 3D printing only uses

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Why 3D Printing?

3D printing consists of the physical representation of an object from a CAD drawing. Which can originate from a sketch, idea/design, existing parts... Moreover, the fact that there is a growing and wide range of different materials and technologies available in 3D printing makes this production process one of the most flexible. Additive manufacturing is

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